Internet Countertop Terminal

Debit Machine – Verifone® Optimum T4220

Verifone Optimum

Verifone® Optimum T4220 is one of the most durable EMV terminals in Canada market.

The Verifone® T4220 offers the speed and Flexibility of payment processing through the Internet in a compact, ergonomic, user-friendly design. Leverage your internet connection to experience the convenience of 4-second transactions without the cost of a dedicated phone line. A unique IP diagnostic application and embedded help system simplify installation and troubleshooting. Say goodbye to paper jams; drop-in paper loading allows you to spend more time with customers and less time dealing with paper jams. The T4220 can efficiently process a full range of payment types including credit, debit, gift cards and dynamic currency conversion.

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  • Simple & Easy to Use
  • 19 key ATM-style interface ensures ease-of-use and streamlines training
  • Integrated thermal printer with drop-in paper loading virtually eliminates paper jams
  • Small footprint minimizes use of counter space
  • Fast, Efficient & Secure
  • Transactions complete within 3 to 5 seconds
  • High-speed communications module supports DSL, cable and other IP-based
  • Eliminating the cost associated with a dedicated phone line
  • Dial backup ensures that you can always process transactions, even if your Internet connection is unavailable
  • Meets all latest security standards in the industry

Debit Machine – Ingenico® iCT250

ict250 -sti

The iCT250 is the innovative payment solution that’s so smart, it stands alone. It accepts all existing forms of electronic payment – including NFC/contactless, EMV, and magstripe – unrestricted by any other POS limitations because it operates with or without a cash register or POS system interface.

  • Highest Security

The iCT 250 meets the highest security requirements and is PCI PTS 3.x certified with SRED and Open protocol modules. The optional PIN privacy shield provides additional PIN entry confidentiality.

  • Designed for Merchants

Among the world’s smallest and lightest devices, the iCT 250 is designed for easy handling and robust daily use. The backlit keypad makes PIN entry and menu navigation easy and intuitive. Also, the large keys and power buzzer speed transactions and reduce PIN entry errors.

  • All Payment Options

Offering EMV chip & PIN, magstripe, and NFC/contactless payment, the iCT 250 also enables new NFC couponing and wallet applications.

  • Telium 2

AdvancedPowered by Ingenico, Telium 2 technology is the result of 30 years’ experience in the payment industry. Secure, highly integrated and fast. It support NexusPay&tm; technology(


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