Long Range Wireless


  • Highest Security
    The iWL Series meets the highest security requirements and is PCI-PTS 2.x and 3.x certified with SRED & open protocol modules.
    • All Payment Options
    Offering EMV Chip & PIN, MagStripe and Contactless, the iWL Series also enables new NFC couponing and wallet use cases.
  • Pocket Sized
    Designed for mobility use cases, the iWL Series is a pocket-sized
    device. It’s the world’s smallest and lightest terminal.
  • Designed for Mobility
    Extended battery life, pocket-size form factor, light weight design, perfect display readability, wide backlit keypad and robust casing make the iWL Series ideal for all mobility uses cases.
  • Long Battery Life
    Natively designed for mobility, Ingenico has paid specific attention to delivering an outstanding battery life. Depending on the use cases, the iWL Series can deliver up to several days of use.
  • All Wireless Connectivity
    Featuring a unique portfolio of simple and multiple wireless connectivity options – GPRS, 3G, Bluetooth Class 1 & WiFi – the iWL Series enhanced network quality of service, eg 3G/GPRS used as a back-up of BT.
    Beyond, Multicom enables a smooth integration of the iWL Series in multi-devices solutions, e.g being connected in BT to an ECR, taximeter or tablet while keeping its own connection to the banking host.
  • Outstanding Printer
    With its 30 lines per second, the iWL Series printer is the fastest on the market. Reducing printing time improves on-the-spot efficiency.
  • Telium 2
    AdvancedPowered by Ingenico, Telium 2 technology is the result of 30 years’ experience in the payment industry. Secure, highly integrated and fast. It support NexusPay&tm; technology(www.NexusPay.com).

Verifone Optimum
Verifone® Optimum M4230 is the right choice for a mobile payment.

The Verifone® Optimum M4230 is a mobile payment solution that ensures you are
able to quickly, efficiently and securely process transactions anywhere, any time; it’s
an ideal solution for businesses on the go. The compact ergonomic design provides
easy transport and the extra long life battery ensures that you have enough power to
get through even the busiest day. It can effectively process credit and debit cards, gift
cards, dynamic currency conversion (DCC) and electronic benefits transfer (EBT). The
Optimum M4230 makes mobile processing quick and easy while meeting today’s
stringent payment industry security standards.

Portability Means Flexibility

  • Accept card transactions anywhere, anytime – instantly add an extra lane during sales, busy holiday seasons or peak store hours
  • Offer additional points of sale whenever you need them – home delivery, trade shows, flea markets, vendor stands and kiosks
  • Charging dock ensures the terminal is fully charged between uses without tethering the terminal with cords and provides dial communications back up

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  • Supports multiple payment types including: credit, PIN debit,
  • Easy to Use Design
  • ATM-style keyboard is intuitive, simplifying training
  • Bright, white backlit display offers a clear sharp image for maximum visibility in any lighting or environment
  • Sureload® thermal printer offers drop-in paper loading virtually eliminating paper jams and supports large paper rolls for more transactions between paper changes
  • Compact design and integrated PIN pad allow you to easily hand over the device to customers for secure PIN entry
  • Meets all latest security standards in the industry
  • Car charge ( optional )
  • Communication/charge base ( optional )

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